Electrical Tools To Add To Your Collection

electrical toolElectrical tools are essential in doing most electrical jobs, be it at home, in the office or practically anywhere. It is advisable to have a basic set of tools readily available for use. Listed below are some of the most common and most useful electrical tools available today. 1. Tape Measure - Tape measures are one of the most common tools that can be found anywhere. Generally, tape measures are used for accurate measurement of height, width, and so on. 2. Fish Tape - Fish tapes are largely used to pull and/or push wires through metal or polymer passages. 3. Voltmeter - Based on the name, voltmeters are used in measuring levels of voltages. They are utilized to verify and make sure if circuits and wires are flowing with power and energy. 4. Hammer - Nothing beats a trusty hammer, so one must always have this at home. A hammer is used to ensure that those devices and things that are very much dressed with nails stay put and sturdy. 5. Channel Lock Pliers – These is one of the many kinds of pliers one can find. They are mainly used to get out knocks from boxes and such. 6. Wire Strippers – Based primarily on the name itself, the main function of this tool is to strip wires – that is, to cut out the insulations or padding from the wire. They also come in various sizes, depending on the need and wire size. 7. Non-contact Voltage Detector - A non-contact voltage detector is used to check a power unit for possible running currents. They are popular to use because they are safe and user friendly. 8. Side Cutter Diagonal Pliers - Generally, cutters are used to slice and carve wires. However, the side cutter diagonal pliers are specially and specifically designed with a severing border that goes all the way down to the end of the pliers, making it perfect for cutting into those tight areas and spaces. 9. Linesman Pliers - Linesman pliers are for all-around usage. It can cut, twist and clutch wires. These kinds of pliers have a square end that can be used perfectly for twisting solid wires together. The middle part of the device can be used to cut wires. 10. Torpedo Level - A torpedo level is mainly used to attend and make sure that the work is in a balanced state. 11. Flashlight – Flashlights are by far the most essential electrical tool ever made. Light is important, enough said. Flashlights will come in handy when the work involves no proper lighting. 12. Wrench Set – Different wrench sets are readily available for the user’s needs. These wrenches are utilized to constrict and make tighten screws in electrical panels. 13. Utility Knife – This kind of knife can be used to cut wires and other electrical bandages. 14. Screwdriver – Screwdrivers come in different kinds of head, depending on the need for use. A screwdriver is a highly recommended tool to have. 15. Straight-blade Screwdriver – As mentioned above, screwdrivers come in different types of head – a straight-blade screwdriver is one of them. These are utilized for straight fit bolts. Also, screwdrivers come in different sizes, again, depending on the need of usage. 16. Wire Crimpers - this tool dismantles the wires and folds a kind of supportonto the wire.

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